Kiosk Browser Lockdown
Kiosk Browser Lockdown

DownloadBuy Pro £5.00*
*Plus tax where applicable, volume discount available

DownloadBuy Pro £5.00*

*Plus tax where applicable, volume discount available

Kiosk Browser has been designed for use on any Android™ device and is great for creating public kiosks, interactive digital signage etc…. Lock down the user interface so that the end-user can only access your defined webpage(s) and can't adjust Android system settings or gain access to other applications.



We provide a FREE and a PRO version, the free version has a limited number of functions but can be used as a fully functional demo by enabling the demo setting.

  • Password Protected
  • Set Home Page

    You can specify your own home page.

  • Configurable Buttons

    Show/hide home, back, forward, barcode scanner and more.

  • Custom App Icon

    Display your own icon in the top left hand corner of the app. We also offer a full customisation service.

  • Cache/Cookie/History Control

    Configure automatic clearing of cache, cookies and history.

  • Basic PDF Support

    View online PDFs with the Google Docs viewer (local PDFs not supported).

  • Barcode Scanner PRO

    Scan a vast array of barcodes with the built in scanner, popular barcode scanning keyboard is also supported.

  • NFC Reader PRO

    Scan NFC tags to load URLs using the built in scanner.

  • Hidden Toolbar PRO
  • Scheduled Sleep/Wake PRO

    Improve battery life and device longevity by scheduling device sleep and wake up.

  • JavaScript Interface PRO

    Use the powerful JavaScript interface to interact with your web application.

  • Printing PRO

    Print pages using Google Cloud Print or print to Bluetooth devices via JavaScript.

  • Screensaver PRO

    Display an image/video/website screensaver whilst the device is idle.

  • Camera Uploads PRO

    Take pictures and upload via standard HTML file input (Android 4.1-4.3 & 5.0 and up).

  • Themes PRO

    Change the app colours by selecting one of 10 themes.

  • Custom Error Page PRO

    Create custom error & access denied pages with your branding.

  • URL WhitelistPRO

    Only allow access to websites/pages you specify.

  • WiFi Settings Access PRO

    Provide access to WiFi Settings without giving away the settings/exit password.

  • Automatic Crash Recovery PRO

    Kiosk Browser automatically restarts itself if it crashes.

  • XML Import & Export PRO

    Export & Import settings for replicating settings across devices.

  • Standalone Mode PRO

    Make Kiosk Browser behave like a normal app, useful if you wish to use an alternative launcher.

  • One Time Cost PRO

    There are no yearly licensing or maintenance fees and you receive free upgrades for the lifetime of the product.

  • Buy Pro £5.00*
    *Plus tax where applicable, volume discount available.
Manage your installations remotely!

Kiosk Browser Remote is our subscription based remote management console for Kiosk Browser. It provides central management functions for all your devices. You do not need to buy device licences if you subscribe.

A subscription costs just £1 GBP / $1.60 USD per device per month (volume pricing is available).
We offer a free 14 day trial with no obligation to subscribe once the trial ends.

PRO features are included for the life of the subscription.

*Subscriptions are re-billed every 30 days and you will be charged for the amount of devices registered to your account. Annual subscriptions require an upfront payment.

When we first started working with this app, it had a pretty steep learning curve. These guys have been working diligently on building their documentation, listening to their customers and adding fixes/additional features; and it has paid off! This app is worth every cent if you are looking to use it commercially like we have.

Gunther Vinson, TowMate LLC

Great product - incredible support. We use this product in about 40 locations at our company and it works perfectly all-day, every-day.

David Higginson

Perfect, use it for our tennis court reservation kiosk with a Google Apps Script web app. Works perfectly.

Serge Gravelle

Some of our clients
About Us

We are a team of IT Consultants working on various different technology projects. Kiosk Browser was developed for one of our clients, spotting a gap in the market we decided to continue actively developing and selling it.