Kiosk Remote Management
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Manage all your Kiosk Browser/Kiosk Launcher installations with our central management console.

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Remote management is packed with great features to help you manage and maintain your devices. Classic Remote Management customers are encouraged to migrate to Unified Remote Management.

UnifiedClassicConfiguration Profiles

Push the same configuration to groups of devices

UnifiedClassicPush Device Actions

Run immediate actions against each device such as application restart, reboot* etc...


Install Kiosk Browser/Launcher updates remotely without visiting your devices*


Create multiple users with varying levels of security

UnifiedClassicREST API

Integrate your app with us using our API

Unified ClassicEmail Alerts

Receive alerts when devices go offline, get unplugged or battery goes below a percentage

UnifiedClassicDevice Location Map

Locate all your devices on a map as well as location history for each device


Manage content on your devices (screensaver images & HTML pages)

UnifiedRemote Wipe

Wipe lost/stolen devices remotely

UnifiedApp Management

Manage app installs/updates using auto install policies and/or app grid feature

UnifiedOverride Configuration

Override any configuration setting at the device level


Schedule background tasks such as screen on/off, reload home page, clear cache/cookies

*Supported on provisioned devices

All Features Included

All the powerful features found in Kiosk Browser/Kiosk Launcher such as the App Drawer, Themes, Scheduled Sleep/Wake/Reboot etc... are included as part of the subscription.


Provisioning Devices

When provisioning a device using our provisioning process device is locked down in the most secure way possible. Kiosk Browser/Kiosk Launcher becomes the "device owner" meaning that it is granted more permissions vs a standard installation.

  • Streamlined setup process (embed remote management registration key)
  • Set the default launcher programmatically without user intervention
  • Hide home button and recents button
  • Update Kiosk Browser/Kiosk Launcher without visiting your devices
Scalable & Secure

Powered by Microsoft® Azure™, our infrastructure automatically scales based on demand. Secured by leading identity-as-a-service (IAAS) provider Auth0®. All payment transactions are handled by Paddle (global E-Commerce platform), which includes advanced fraud protection and PCI DSS compliance.

Cost per month
Devices Per Device
1-199 £1.00/$1.60
200-499 £0.90/$1.45
500-999 £0.80/$1.25
1000+ £0.65/$1.00
Non-profit Discount 40% (annually)
Save 15% by paying annually

We offer the option of subscribing either annually or monthly by opting to pay annually you automatically receive a 15% discount. Annual subscriptions are charged up-front.

When opting to subscribe monthly you will be charged for the number of devices on your account on the start date of the subscription and every 30 days thereafter.

Accepted forms of payment are either credit/debit card or PayPal. If you wish to discuss different payment terms please contact us via

Any other currency than those listed (GBP & USD) will be charged at the GBP rate exchanged to your local currency.

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